How to keep that New Year Resolution?

As the New Year it’s just starting, we decided to help you keep your New Year resolution if it’s linked with helping just a little bit the planet this year. Saving the planet should also save you some money as usually they go hand in hand.  Here are 6 tips on how to “go green” this year:    

  1. Drive Less. If you need to go to work, shops, school to pick up your child and the distance its less then 40 minutes, try the bike, public transportation or walking. It will be beneficial for your wallet and your health at the same time. Carpooling might also be an option.
  1. Adjust Your Thermostat. With the new generation of thermostats you can programme it from your car, the tub, workplace or wherever you are.
  1. Save Water. Efficient toilers and low-flow showerheads are the key with regards to saving water. At the same time turn of your water heater if you aren’t at home and turn it on when you arrive home. As you are not home no one will miss the hot water, will they?  Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth.
  1. Stop Home Energy Losses make sure that your house doesn’t lose energy. Poor insulation, an old and inefficient boiler, drafty doors/windows are all sources of energy loss.
  1. Use Reusable Containers. We all have at least a dozen of cloth bags at home, so bring your own cloth bag to the supermarket it will help the planet and help your budget.
  1. Energy Efficient Lighting. We know, we said it before we will keep on saying it because IT WORKS.  LED bulbs are more expensive, however they are more efficient and last longer. Conclusion: you will save money in the long run. 

Following this tips will make you “greener” than last year and with more money in your pocket!


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