3 ways to save money with small changes in your life

Recent statistical data found out that the most often financial resolution made this New Year it’s to save more and spend less obviously. We have 3 tips on how to do that. It will take effort and will, however you will be happy with the result.


  1. Light Bulbs might not sound like much however if you will change it to LED bulbs even if they seem more expensive in the long run they are worth it. They are more efficient and last longer. Second step here its to turn off the light in the areas that you are not using, statistics says that in the kitchen and the dinning room/family room the light its turned on constantly. Try to turn it off when you are not in the room it will save you around £50/year. Do not forget that LED bulbs are coming with a warranty of 2 to 4 years.
  2. Pantry and refrigerator inventory. We waste large amount of money o food. Organizing your food in your pantry, in your freezer, and planning your meals it’s a must. Reducing wastage will make you save a significant amount of money per week up to £30.
  3. In the USA people are trying the so-called 52-Week Saving Challenge. It starts easy with trying to save lets say £1/week and then you slowly increase the amount you want to save, £2 second week, £3 third week and so forth. This will have a huge on your impact of your shopping behaviour as it will keep you away from compulsion shopping and buying products that you do not need. Sticking to this it might save you up to £1200/ year.


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