Last year boiler breakdowns cost UK homes £787m!

According to CityA.M. and uSwitch UK families are spending huge amounts of money in unexpected boiler repairs. Just last year boiler breakdowns cost pilled up to £787 millions!  

A fifth of households face at least 1 breakdown last year. The average cost to repair a boiler it was £270 according to uSwitch. Those were the lucky ones because a sizeable number of UK families had to take out of their pocket a lot more than £270 for a repair just to have access to a heated home and hot water.

More than 250 000 people had to pay MORE than £1250 to make their boiler to work again according to uSwitch.

Emma Bush, energy expert at uSwich stated: “With consumers already facing energy price rises in the coming months, the sudden shock of having to repair a broken boiler – possibly costing over a thousand pounds – could deliver a toughblow to household finances. To give yourself some peace of mind and protection against boiler bill shock there are different options available to suit everyhousehold.”

They suggest that if your boiler it’s older than 6-8 years maybe its time to bewise about it and replace it. You could avoid all of this and with the amount that you would need to pay for one repair £1250, you could be covering 3 years of payments out of the 7 year period if you would simply apply at Verdabelo for a new heating system. It comes with a 10 year Worcester Bosch Warranty for your extra peace of mind.


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