It started! The rising of energy bills is here!

From next month 3 of the Big Six suppliers have announced that increase in energy bills will start. Therefore if you have any of the following 3 companies as your supplier prepare yourself: Npower, EDF, and Scottish Power. As a matter of fact Npower will increase the electricity charges by not less than 15%!

British Gas promised to freeze the price for another 3 months, however after that period, they will as well, increase considerably their prices. We translated for our readers what 15% more per year would mean, by taking a medium house as an example from UK Power website. They say the average would be £1063 a year. An increase of 15% would mean £159 more a year. That amount will not be spent on a nice weekend, a lovely dinner or a present for the loved ones, instead that will end up in the pockets of one of the Big Six.

You might ask yourself what can be done?

There are plenty of solutions in order to avoid this: you can change supplier, you can go for solar panels, you can change your heating system with a more efficient one that will consume less energy whilst providing you with a warm house and hot water. Act now, go online, and find the offer that suits your needs better!


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