Did you know that 20% of all Wales and England private sector rentals are less energy-efficient than they could, or should be? If you live in an energy-inefficient home you are paying much more than you need to stay warm. It’s either that, or wrap up in blankets and extra jumpers while you nibble your turkey at Christmas. The last time Britain had a really cold winter was 2009-2010. As many as 40,000 people in England and Wales, mostly the elderly, died prematurely as a result of the plunging temperatures, according to the Office of National Statistics.
Many of those people may well have been living in energy-inefficient homes, a particular problem for those in the private rented sector (PRS). According to research from Sheffield Hallam University in 2016, the bottom end of the PRS in England is a pretty cold and cheerless place. A lot of tenants are unaware of how to make their homes more energy-efficient, according to this research: “Very few respondents had engaged with EPCs [Energy Performance Certificates] and many were not even aware that they existed…Information regarding the energy performance of a property was therefore rarely readily available to tenants and those who had enquired about likely heating costs reported struggling to get an answer from their landlord.”

Landlords too are scared of costs they fear being unable to afford. Older properties – pre-1919 – are difficult to make more efficient and prevalent within the PRS, but other research from Sheffield Hallam suggests that every dwelling is capable of achieving an EPC rating of E, at a cost of between £1,400 and £3,500 per property.

This is about to change. From April 2018 rented properties in England and Wales will need to meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), requiring the property to have at least and E rating in their Energy Performance Certificate. Today, fewer than 20% make the E grade. They are all going to have to modernise.
Landlords are starting to worry about how much this is going to cost them. But never fear – VB Boiler is here! The best way of improving the energy-efficiency of a sub-standard property is to change the old gas boiler, and VB Boiler makes this as cheap as chips.
For just £99 down, after a soft credit check, your property can have installed (at no charge) the best gas boiler there is on the market today, a Worcester-Bosch super-efficient boiler, which has an A+ EPC rating.
This is the perfect solution for PRS landlords who would like to give their tenants the best EPC grade possible without stumping up a lot of upfront cash.
Here’s the deal. You pay £99 down, then you spread the burden of the costs over the next seven years, either £39 or £42 a month, depending on what size boiler best suits the accommodation. One of our professional installers comes round, fits the boiler and does a full check to ensure everything is working as it should. You have peace of mind – the boiler comes with a 10 year warranty. If there’s a problem, our installer comes round to fix it – for free.

So calling all landlords: don’t be one in five. Get the best boiler available with an EPC A+ rating, and spread the cost. Then you can stay within the law and – even better – no more tenants calling up to moan about the lack of heating.

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