Our complete heating solution

The Worcester Greenstar boiler

individual / adjustable / economical

100% warmth
reduce up to – 50% CO2 emissions
save up to – 50% energy costs

  • different temperatures in different rooms
  • adjustable to individual needs
  • reaction to heat fluctuations in different rooms
  • set and controlled via app


FLEXIBLE – vbboiler provides different temperatures in different rooms, at different times, all depending on your needs.

SENSIBLE – vbboiler perceives and reacts to its surroundings, optimising the temperature differently in every single room, taking into consideration the outdoor temperature.

ADAPTABLE – vbboiler can be controlled via app from wherever you are, no matter at what time. It recognises when you enter your home and immediately adapts to your needs.

He learns that you love it cosy in your bathroom, but rather cooler in the kitchen. You prefer a pleasant, but not too warm bedroom and you love it very cuddly in your living room. That he knows and that is what he fulfils.


Facts and figures

  • Worcester Greenstar 25i ErP
  • condensing boiler
  • combination heater
  • rated heat output: 24 kw
  • seasonal space heating energy efficiency: 94 %
  • energy efficiency class: A
  • water heating energy effciency: 85 %
  • water heating energy effciency class: A


Your lifestyle doesn’t change.

Main benefits:

  • gas savings up to 50 %
  • reduce up to – 50 % Co2 emissions
  • internet and app enabled thermostat for wireless control
  • free survey and free installation
  • free access to 24/7 maintenance call-outs
  • 10 year warranty

Additional benefits:

  • wall-to-wall warmth
  • instant, piping hot water baths and showers
  • large siphon inside – eliminates risk of condensate pipe freezing
  • 5 radiator valves auto-adjust to your pre-sets
  • optimal system flow
  • simple weather compensation option
  • condensing technology
  • maximum fuel efficiency
  • reduced heat consumption
  • reduced carbon foortprint by 2.1 tonnes per year

What do you get?

Greenstar 25i Worcester Boiler

worcester wave

magnetic filter and system flush

smart thermostat valve