Julie McIntosh-Roffey is used to babies of all shapes and sizes. She has had three of her own and, as a midwife at West Sussex Hospital, she delivers them day and night whenever the new born decides it’s time to get out into the big wide world.

Now Julie has another sort of baby to keep her happy – a brand new Worcester-Bosch heating system courtesy of Verdabelo.

Julie, aged 47 and the mother of three daughters, was looking for a replacement for her old boiler which was costing far too much in fuel consumption and was producing too many unhealthy emissions from her semi in Uckfield. So she did a quick Internet search and found exactly what she was looking for: our ultra-modern Worcester Greenstar iErP combi boiler high efficiency, low emission model for an upfront payment of just £99.

“The great thing”, said Julie, “is that the switch to Verdabelo means that I am not just saving money but I’m actually in profit.”

This is because the fitting of the new boiler, thermostat and smart valve plus flushing means that the cost of the ‘saving-sharing’ scheme should be met by fuel savings. In effect the company is pre-financing those future fuel savings. But in addition Julie has been able to cancel her maintenance contract with British Gas which cost £360 a year for Verdabelo’s own plan – a further saving of up to £290. Result? Money in the bank!

Julie Adds: “I am very ‘green aware’. After all if you are helping bring brand new life into the world you obviously want that to be as clean an environment as possible. So it was a simple choice really, we did everything online and within a short time our application was accepted and the engineer from Paynes arrived to begin work. First he had to adapt some pipework because of the old boiler’s spec, then it was simply a case of installing the new Verdabelo.

“As a midwife I work shifts, some days, some nights – I’m working a night shift at Christmas – so whatever the weather or whatever time I get home the house is lovely and cosy. And of course we can control the temperature and on/off times remotely.”

It’s child’s play you might say!

Julie McIntosh-Roffey


Jane Taylor knows a lot about the environment – she teaches it. Miss Taylor, as her pupils call her, is a 45-year-old supply teacher in East Sussex who has just had a new Verdabelo Worcester Greenstar boiler fitted at her three bedroomed Victorian home in Uckfield.

“I heard about Verdabelo from a friend and as my existing boiler was 10 years old and neither efficient nor green I decided it was time to replace it. Hopefully the new one will pay for itself and the really good thing is it won’t be pumping out the ghastly emissions like my old one”, says Jane. “There are three of us living here including my 18-year-old daughter and being a Victorian house, it wasn’t designed to be heat efficient so this should help enormously in that regard.”

Jane teaches primary age children across the region and part of the curriculum is ‘global learning’, a subject which instils in the next generation the responsibility we all have to treat our environment in a better and more responsible way than we once did. That includes global warming and how we can all help to stem it with clean energy initiatives – embodied in the Verdabelo ethos.

Jane adds: “It’s nice to be practicing what I preach. We should all be doing our very best for a cleaner, greener future for the children I teach.”

Jane Taylor